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Our decision to pursue certification as Life Coaches for both myself and business partner Coach Antonio O'Neal, CLC, Certified Life Coach was influenced by our passion for helping others. We both have long history of this value. I have served in a several capacities where this value has proven a great asset, For example Employee Assistance Person, Steelworker's Union Unit Chairman, Christian Small Group Leader, Support Group co-founder/facilitator and small business owner/mentor.


Similarly, for Coach Antonio, having served as Church Elder, Mentor, Christian Small Group Facilitator and NFP co-founder, President of a Music Production company, entertainer and other relatable positions which has allowed him to utilize his talents and passion for empowering the lives and dreams of many. Without a doubt he has repeatedly been known for his solid advice, compassion and ongoing examples of selflessness. All are key factors to the pursuit of assisting others along in their life journeys, which has in turn, enhanced both our journey's as well.

What's Right For Me?

When considering the possibility of entering a Life Coaching relationship there a​re several things to be extremely clear about: Foremost, understanding the differences between:

Life Coach vs Counseling Therapy, which provides assistance in healing wounds from the past emotional hurts and issues. Then diagnose the problem to create strategies for emotional wholeness.

Coaching is Future Focused and engages action based strategies empowering clients to take control of their goals.

Life Coach vs Consultants, that work as experts in their fields to identify problems and develop strategies for solving them.

Coaches don't solve problems, or fix people they assist in confirming that clients generally have the solutions, when given the tools to self discover.

Life Coach vs Mentoring, which provides advice, wisdom and counsel given out of their expertise and experience in a field.

Coaching does not require expertise in a related field, but supplies the support and accountability toward reaching goals.


If you've spent any time traveling several hours by automobile on one of the many interstate highways in the USA, I'm sure we have a few things in common. One is the fact of the appreciation for a sign that reads: TOLL PLAZA / REST AREA 1 MILE 

Just the thought of it offers a sense of relief. There are several benefits to be found here, restrooms, fuel, food, a good stretch, sleep but probably more important are those large maps that have an arrow which indicates YOU ARE HERE. This is key information in confirming you're not headed the wrong way, but as well it helps you to gain perspective of something it doesn't read: WHERE ARE YOU GOING? That information is determined solely by you

 But if you are clear of your destination the map can provide a update of your progress and  help you visualize a estimated time-frame to arrive. should you continue at a similar pace.

A coaching partnership is very similar, in that it's agreed where you're at, where you'd like to be at a specific time and if you're headed in the right direction. All determined by you with the careful guidance of coaching, support and your desired outcome.

"Point A To Point B Might Just Be A COACH Away"